Why Read the Bible?

The Bible is God's Word to us. It reveals God to us, shows us the way to be saved, brings us into a greater experience of friendship with God, and is a primary means of grace in our spiritual formation. This plan is created to assist us in the regular reading of the Bible that we might grow in our relationship with God and with one another as it changes us. 


Reading on a Two-Year Cycle: There is no pressure to read the entire Bible is one year.

Use of Repetition to Strengthen Comprehension: In two years, you will read the New Testament six times, the Old Testament once, and the Psalms twice. 

Sensitivity to the Church Calendar: The Church calendar reflects the storyline of the Gospel as does the selection and order of the books in the reading plan. 

Inclusion of a Daily Psalm: Each day a Psalm or a portion of a Psalm is included to serve as an aid for morning or evening prayer. 

Days of Reflection and Make-Up: Every seventh day is a day to catch up and reflect on what you have been reading.


Schedule a Daily Time and Place: You must form a ritualized habit of reading the bible.

Pick a Bible: We recommend the English Stand Version Study Bible

Read the Bible Prayerfully: Pray for God's help to understand, enjoy, and apply what you read. 

Look for Jesus: Look for Jesus and the Gospel and for Gospel patterns in the text that you might enjoy Christ more.

Apply What You Read: Respond to God's word in trust and obedience.

Read it With a Friend: Join others in using the plan and share with them what God is showing you. 

Don't Give Up: If you get behind, start again at the assigned reading for the day and move forward.